D R Smith Trucking, Inc                     

About Us

 Our Mission: 
"Our mission is to be one of the best mid-sized refrigerated and food products carriers east of the Mississippi as we provide unequaled customer service to our shippers and a great work environment to our employees and families"

D. R. Smith Trucking has been operating primarily in 30 Midwestern, Southern, Eastern, Southwestern and Western states since 1976.  Our specialties include the transporting of ice cream, frozen food products, food-grade liquids and time-critical case-and-pallet loaded perishable products.

 D. R. Smith operates a fleet of 60 late-model peterbilt power units and 110 refrigerated trailers.  Our home terminal is located one-half mile south of Beaver Dam Lake on C. R. 750 West in Kosciusko County, between Akron and Silver Lake, Indiana.


D. R. Smith Trucking has an impeccable safety rating and is highly acclaimed by the insurance industry for its unbelievably low loss runs.  In addition to safety, D. R. Smith Trucking has won numerous customer service awards from its shippers for outstanding delivery performance.




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